June 12, 2024 #ChileDiverse

Fundación Imagen de Chile and Pro Chile launch campaign to encourage national companies to use the Chile Brand

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The objective of this campaign is to encourage more Chilean companies to use this seal of origin on their goods and services.

On June 5, Fundación Imagen de Chile, Pro Chile and the private sector launched a campaign to encourage more companies to join the "Made by Chileans" branding program, which aims to encourage Chilean companies to use the Chile Brand as a seal of origin for their products and services.

This seal seeks to position the value of origin both in the domestic market and abroad, contributing to the preference of national products and enhancing the "Made in Chile", so that it becomes a factor of pride and added value.

Being part of "Made by Chileans" is to show the world the best of our country and demonstrate that we are united to make ourselves known internationally, in addition to contributing to build a better future for Chile.

"Made by Chileans is more than a seal, it is the expression of the effort, conviction and audacity of a country that bets on the future. We want to show internationally our talent and ability to do things well, with contributions to quality of life, sustainability and care for local and global communities. The Chile Brand unites us all, and this campaign seeks to add even more Chilean companies to be part of this symbol of our identity and our values", says Rossana Dresdner, executive director of Fundación Imagen de Chile .

"With this campaign we are looking for many companies to join those that already use the Chile Brand, because we know - as expressed by Chilean companies that use it to go abroad - that it helps to differentiate the product or service from foreign competitors, and it is also a catalyst for national pride", highlights Ignacio Fernandez, General Director of ProChile.

In addition to granting the license to carry the seal, the program offers support in positioning studies, audiovisual materials, as well as training and participation in special events .

To join, companies can go to the Fundación Imagen de Chile's website at the following link linkwhere they can access the registration form where they must add company information and accept the license to use Marca Chile. 

Today there are more than 1,800 companies using the Chile brand, of which 69% are products and 31% services, and from Chile's 16 regions they export to more than 100 countries. 


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