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We are a small country at the end of the world and from our particularities we contribute with innovative views and initiatives for the great challenges facing humanity today. We believe in collaboration as the basis for building the future.

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March 01, 2024 #ChileGlobal #Fundación Imagen de Chile

From here, where the world begins

February 19, 2024 #ChileGlobal

How does the international press see us? Tourism and sustainability strengthen their presence in the world coverage of Chile

February 13, 2024 #ChileGlobal #SustainableChile

Fires in Chile: the key role of international solidarity

February 07, 2024 #ChileGlobal

Chilean tourism authorities report on the fires affecting the Valparaíso Region

January 25, 2024 #ChileGlobal

Chile activates international tourism promotion in 2024 and presents its innovations to the European market

January 15, 2024 #ChileGlobal #SustainableChile

A few days before the Chinese New Year, the Asian media learned about the export process of Chilean cherries.

January 11, 2024 #ChileGlobal

Chilean scientists develop a new test to diagnose hypertension in the world

January 11, 2024 #ChileDemocratic #ChileGlobal

Chile remains the most powerful passport in Latin America

January 10, 2024 #ChileGlobal

ProChile inaugurates ENEXPRO Commercial Attachés 2024 with a focus on the diversification of Chilean exports

January 08, 2024 #DemocraticChile #DiverseChile #GlobalChile #SustainableChile

Chilean universities empower young talents to pursue research in Latin America


Image of Chile