Who we are

We want the world to prefer Chile

Imagen de Chile is the agency of the country brand - Marca Chile - whose mission is to promote Chile's image in the world, increasing its recognition, reputation and preference in the international market.

Marca Chile promotes our country through the talent of Chilean men and women and their contributions to the quality of life, sustainability and care of local and global communities, inviting us to create a better future together.


Promote Chile's image at the international level to contribute to its competitiveness through the management of the country brand.


We exist to contribute to the development of opportunities for Chile and Chileans, strengthening their international recognition and valuation.

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Our values

Pursuit of excellence

Our driving force is quality. We intend that all the initiatives we implement improve over time, generating learning about our processes.

Commitment and sense of country

We are motivated to contribute to the development of a nation, creating more opportunities for its inhabitants and productive sectors.

Inspiring, innovating and being creative

Mobilize others to share our passion for country image, seeking new points of view and ways of working to achieve impact in our field of action.

Spirit of collaboration

Our work is generous, convening, teamwork, forming networks that allow us to integrate others in order to achieve the best results.

Our team

Imagen de Chile has a multidisciplinary team to fulfill its important role and support strategic decisions. Its board of directors is chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and is made up of high-level representatives from the public and private sectors.

Brand management

The main task of Imagen de Chile is to manage the country brand to strengthen Chile's reputation and improve the spontaneous appreciation of others about the country. This translates into designing and implementing a coordinated strategy that seeks to make Chile visible through a unique and competitive identity that provides coherence between commercial, economic, cultural, political and social aspects.

This strategy involves the development of positioning actions, including marketing campaigns, trend analysis, studies, expert advice to stakeholders and intersectoral coordination of public and private institutions that build the country's image both in Chile and abroad.

The institution's products or services are based on its expertise in brand management and are basically summarized as follows:

Strategic alliances

Considering that working together is an indispensable condition for a correct and effective management of the country brand, Imagen de Chile generates alliances with key actors of the public and private sector, which allow to increase the impact of the promotional actions and align the messages around the country brand, in order to strengthen it and competitively project the attributes that distinguish us as a nation.

Campaigns and activations in Chile and abroad

Support in the design of promotional actions, creative concepts, press management and/or communication pieces for strategic partners or third parties participating in international events, with the purpose of transmitting a unique experience of the country.

Trademark use program

It consists of granting the license to use the Chile Brand in different promotional supports of a product or service, so that it can be linked to the origin and values that distinguish our country brand, generating preference both in the domestic market and abroad.

Trend analysis

Study and follow-up on perceptions about Chile, especially in priority markets and in Latin America. It also includes the analysis of the country's presence in foreign media.

Management with foreign press

Dissemination initiatives with prestigious international media, including regular press conferences and foreign press trips to the country.

Digital marketing

Permanent generation of content in high-reach digital communities, focusing on local and foreign audiences, including new applications, thematic campaigns and interactive contests, as well as sustained work to increase the audience that follows our social networks.

Development of audiovisual material

YouTube channel with more than 500 videos from Chile, including 125 in English, grouped in different sectoral categories. In addition, the photo bank has nearly 4,000 representative images of the country.