Sustainable Chile

Chile contributes to a sustainable world in all our activities, from productive to cultural, from green investments, conservation policies and protection of natural resources, tourism offers, to the role of people and communities in development. We project ourselves from our decision and capacity for innovation and creation of new solutions and the decisive role of science and technology.

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June 17, 2024 #ChileSustentable

Desertification and drought in Chile: challenges and strategies in the Coquimbo Region in the face of Climate Change

June 05, 2024 #ChileSustentable

10 actions that Chile is promoting to protect the environment

June 05, 2024 #ChileDiverse #ChileGlobal #ChileSustainable #ChileColumns

Column : Sustainability, democracy and diversity: what Chile shows the world

May 17, 2024 #ChileSustentable

Five cases of female innovation in the Chilean recycling industry

May 03, 2024 #ChileSustentable

Chilean cherries: Chile's ambassadors in China

May 03, 2024 #SustainableChile #Columns

Column : The Cherry: Chile's Pride

May 02, 2024 #ChileSustentable

If it's green hydrogen, the world starts with Chile

Wind energy propellers located in the Coquimbo Region
April 22, 2024 #ChileSustentable

Earth Day: Four Chilean commitments to protect the planet

April 09, 2024 #ChileDiverse #ChileSustainable

Chiloé: culture, nature and sustainability

March 27, 2024 #ChileSustentable

National Lithium Strategy: Chile announces a network to protect salt flats and defines their exploitation


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