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Chilean Literature

From incredible poems to intriguing novels, national writers inspire us with great stories that have traveled the world.

Tracing traces: the trajectory and global presence of Chilean literature

Chilean writers, poets and artists have made important contributions to the international cultural scene. Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda proudly represented Chile as Nobel Prize winners, immortalizing the country's literary heritage.

Chilean literature has helped strengthen cultural ties between nations. This was demonstrated to its fullest extent in 2023 when Santiago was the guest of honor at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair or, more recently, when the Frankfurt Book Fairone of the most important publishing events in the world, named Chile as the guest of honor for 2027.

From award-winning authors to emerging voices on the global stage, Chile continues to showcase its rich cultural heritage through the passionate works of its writers and poets. Their international acclaim deservedly highlights Chilean literary achievements.


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