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Chilean Music

Explore and immerse yourself in the sounds and diversity that make Chilean music a unique experience.

Chile's richness in sound: musical traditions that unite a diverse country


The Chilean music reflects its varied territory, from the north to the south, influenced by the traditions of native peoples and migrants. The most outstanding genres are the Chilean cuecathe national dance, and the cueca chora, popular in port areas. The Fiesta de La Tirana and the Chilean diablada are examples of the cultural syncretism of the north.

Chile has produced renowned musicians such as Violeta Parra, Víctor Jara, Los Jaivas and Los Prisioneros, who have left an indelible mark. Lucho Gatica took the Chilean bolero to the world, while contemporary contemporary artists artists such as Mon Laferte, Los Bunkers and Los Tres continue this musical musical tradition.

Instruments such as the zampoña and charango in the north, and the accordion and guitar in the south, reflect Chile's cultural diversity. Chilean music, an invaluable cultural heritage, unites the country's communities, reflecting their identity and history through diverse artists and genres.



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