Democratic Chile

Chile is a country of stable institutions, of strength in our rules, which offers a clear and reliable scenario for the functioning of the different activities of our citizens and those who visit us. We are a country where the rights and welfare of its citizens are at the center, a basic aspect for the tranquility of a society.

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May 09, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

Undersecretary Gloria de la Fuente: "Female leadership tends to be more inclusive".

May 07, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

With more than 100 actions committed to by 2026, Minister of Science presents new Artificial Intelligence Policy

May 04, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

World Press Freedom Day: legislative advances in Chile

May 02, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

World Press Freedom Day: Chile's history and challenges 

April 30, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

A sustainable, inclusive and productive approach to Chile's Pro Tempore presidency of the Pacific Alliance

April 12, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

Government presents bill to directly stimulate the tourism sector

March 22, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

Simon Anholt: "One of the smart things that Imagen de Chile has done is to create very strong links with the private sector".

March 21, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

Fundación Imagen de Chile incorporates four new members to its board of directors

Chilean Pride Study
February 26, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

Fundación Imagen de Chile: "Pride in Chile" reached its historic peak in 2023

January 11, 2024 #ChileDemocratic #ChileGlobal

Chile remains the most powerful passport in Latin America


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