More than 1,600 companies already use the Chile Brand and from the 16 regions of our country export to more than 110 countries.

Together we are more, from Chile to the world!


Join us to use the Chile Brand and promote the value of origin of your products and services nationally and internationally.



Join us to use the Chile Brand and promote the value of origin of your products and services nationally and internationally.








More of


users give us presence

More of


countries through their exports.



Linking the company's corporate image to the values of Marca Chile: diversity, creativity, innovation, sustainability and global outlook, creativity, innovation, sustainability and global outlook.

Presence on

Differentiation of the product or service from local and foreign competitors.

Authorization granted only to companies that contribute to the country image. Country Image.

Access to exclusive services provided by imagen de Chile:
  • - Business training and workshops.
  • - Access to audiovisual material.
  • - Content and studies to prepare presentations.
  • - Priority to participate in Imagen de Chile events.
  • - Priority to be a supplier of Imagen de Chile.


Listen to the podcast "Made by Chileans, talent and effort for the world", a conversation to inspire you and discover the stories and people behind some of the most innovative and successful ventures and companies that carry Marca Chile today. Presented by Marca Chile and hosted by Ignacio Franzani and María Elena Dressel.


More than 1,400 institutions build this great network of entrepreneurs that incorporate the Chile Brand in their products and services, showing the world the value of origin, effort and talent. the Chile Brand in their products and services, showing the world the value of origin and the effort and talent with which Chile creates a better future. and talent with which Chile creates a better future.

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Waters, juices and other non-alcoholic beverages
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Manufacture of paints and pigments for scale models.
Manufacture of cardboard pots, compost and substrate containers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Imagen de Chile is the organization whose mission is to promote Chile's image at the international level in order to contribute to its competitiveness through the management of the country brand.

What is the Chile Brand Use Program?

The Chile Brand Use Program is the free authorization to use the Chile Brand on products, services, institutions and events, in order to promote the value of the origin both in the domestic market and abroad. This is also understood as the License to Use the Chile Brand.

How will the use of the Chile Brand contribute to my organization or business?

Any natural or legal person, public or private, national or foreign, who considers that their product, service, event or institution will contribute to the image of Chile.

Who can apply?

Any natural or legal person, public or private, national or foreign, who considers that their product, service, event or institution will contribute to the image of Chile.

Can a foreign company or organization apply to use the Chile Trademark?

Yes, if the applicant is a foreign legal entity that wishes to promote Chilean products, services, events or instances, it may apply for a free License to Use the Chile Trademark by completing some information in the Application section of the Chile Trademark Use Program.

Does this program have a cost?

No, the use of the Chile Brand is free of charge.

What is the application process for the Chile Trademark?

You must enter Marca Chile, select the "Application" option, complete the online form in "Apply Here". Once the application is received, the evaluation stage begins and then the decision is communicated to the applicant and the process continues as detailed in the same section.

Is it necessary to receive graphic approval for the graphic use of the Chile Brand?

Imagen de Chile must approve all designs that graphically incorporate the Chile Brand, to verify that it is being applied correctly.

What are the criteria for granting the license to use the Chile Brand?

The criteria to be taken into account in the evaluation of each case are as follows:

Alignment with the attributes of the Chile Brand:

  • Progress
  • Reliability
  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Sustainability

Compliance with production quality standards, tax, labor, commercial, environmental and social responsibility obligations, among others. Adherence to current legal regulations, delivery of reliable information and without omission of relevant information.

Origin of products or services:

  • Ownership of the entity
  • Its nature in itself
  • Your raw material
  • Your workforce
  • Production process
  • Patented design and creation
  • Certificate of Origin
What are the categories of Marca Chile's License of Use?

License for institutional or corporate use: Corresponds to the authorization for commercial exploitation, which is given for use in the institutional material of companies or private organizations. Such use must be made on stationery, web page, brochures, facilities, advertising, among others.

License of use for public institutions: Corresponds to the authorization granted to public companies, government agencies, public services, ministries, among others of the public sector.

License of use for products and services: This corresponds to the authorization for the commercial exploitation of the use of pieces associated with the LICENSEE'S line of business, such as containers, labels, packaging, posters, displays, exhibitors and, in general, advertising materials for dissemination in the media, points of sale, promotional programs, among others.

Must the products or services applying for the use of the Chile Trademark be "Chilean"?

Yes, as a general rule, the Chile Trademark may only be present in products and others that comply with certain characteristics that are identified as of Chilean origin, such as the nature of the products or services and their processes, the national component of the constituent material or labor, the ownership of the entity, among others, which according to the strategic experience and knowledge of Imagen de Chile, could be relevant for the granting of the License.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the product has been exported and received a Certificate of Origin, from the official entities authorized to do so, such Certificate of Origin will be considered as a preponderant antecedent, for the purpose of obtaining the authorization to use the trademark; likewise, the criterion of location may be applied, according to which the product or service has been designed or developed in Chile.

Can an application for use of the Chile Trademark identify several products or categories belonging to the same natural or legal person?

Yes, a License can identify multiple trademarks, categories of use (Products, Services or Institutional) and products (different SKU's), but they must be entered on the application form that we will send you to complete.

Can the Chile Brand be used to promote tourism services abroad?

Yes, it can be done. The Chile Brand Program was designed to link a product or service, regardless of the industry, to the country of origin and thus contribute to its positioning in both domestic and foreign markets.

Who designs the graphic pieces?

Each applicant must develop and submit each of the mock-ups with the graphic application of the Chile Brand, according to the guidelines and graphic recommendations provided by Imagen de Chile.

What will be the term of use of the Chile Trademark?

The License of use is valid for 1 year from the subscription of the contract, automatically renewable every year, until the parties indicate otherwise.


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