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Column : Sustainability, democracy and diversity: what Chile shows the world

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Column by Rossana Dresdner, Executive Director of Fundación Imagen de Chile.

What image does Chile want to project to the world? It is a question that does not have a single answer, but many. Because the image of a country is built by many factors, which support its identity, but which at the same time mutate over time. Therefore, when we say that today we are building a consensus narrative among the main sectors involved in the promotion of Chile in the world, it is not something minor. A narrative that highlights not only our commercial advantages -exports, tourism, investment attraction-but also our values, what we believe in, and what we are betting on for the future. Moreover, a narrative that is based on real data, on who we are and what we do.

From Fundación Imagen de Chile we have proposed a macro story, which is based on three axes, transversal to all sectors: Sustainability, Democracy and Diversity. All oriented towards a central premise: We care. In other words, Chile is part of the world and is committed to global issues and to being part of their solutions.

Chile is today positioned as a leader in leader in sustainabilityWe are aligned with sustainable development and environmental conservation, in a world that urgently requires environmental solutions. We are also committed to democracy as a system of coexistence, where respect for human rights, stability, transparency and citizen participation prevail. And we believe we are a diverse country, in terms of our people and geography, but also in what we offer to the world, both culturally and commercially.

This new perspective is expressed in the articulating role that the Fundación Imagen de Chile has assumed, bringing together the different sectors and institutions, both public and private, that promote our country, guided by the premise that "the image of Chile is built by all of us".

Generating these new alliances implies an institutional effort and political will. Not only conversations, but also concrete spaces for the efficient and concrete work of representatives of these different areas, their authorities and their teams.

We believe that the Fundación Imagen de Chile plays an important role in the integration of the different sectors of society to build a transversal and unitary country image, with a State vision. And that its task is to promote this collective national narrative, involving the variety of people, groups and sectors that make up this country that we are: sustainable, democratic and diverse.

Check out the column published in El País newspaper here.

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