The whole of Chile is reflected in its country brand

The country brand is the strategy through which a positive country image of Chile is developed, highlighting certain attributes of our identity and thus expanding the possibilities for attracting talent, exports, foreign investment and tourism.

This is key in a highly competitive scenario such as the current one, where it is essential to build and strengthen a unique and competitive identity for the country, so that Chile is considered by others as an attractive destination in all its dimensions.

In this sense, it should be noted that the Chile Country Brand is much more than a graphic expression, it is a symbol of what we Chileans are. Therefore, building it is a collective challenge. A task where the richness and diversity that characterizes us are integrated into a symbol that communicates to the world the vitality of a whole country, to open ourselves to more and better opportunities.

A positive country image is an asset, generating more jobs, increasing exports, attracting more foreign investment, awakening interest in tourism and increasing the nation's political and cultural influence.


Sharing our creativity and resilience to responsibly build a better future for all.

The Chilean spirit has been linked to nature since the beginning of time. We are a country settled in a living, volcanic, restless and deeply original system. That is why our way of being is like the territory we inhabit: diverse, shifting, always looking beyond our limits. Creating comes naturally to us.

And that's how we go day by day creating small fragments of tomorrow. Follow us, listen to us, get to know us. We want to show you how we are creating the future from the present.

Chile, the experience of the southernmost part of the world that invites us to create a better future together.



  • Diverse and extreme at the end of the world
  • Connection with nature to care for and protect
  • Clear and pure skies to observe the universe
  • Living and abundant nature


  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Resilient
  • Vision for the future


  • Contribution and global view
  • Commitment to future generations
  • Vocation of excellence
  • Sharing identity and values


Image of Chile