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Jaqueline Gil, marketing director at Embratur: "CIMAP is the basis for working together on country branding".

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In the framework of the Image of Chile 2024 Meeting, the representative of the Brazilian promotion agency referred to the need to deepen collaboration between the countries of the region, the value of sustainability behind Marca Brasil and the new experiences of regeneration tourism in her country.

"I believe in collaboration. Here in South America we have to work together, because together we are stronger," said Jaqueline Gil, director of marketing, business and sustainability at Embratur ( Brazil's tourism promotion agency). "If the people who visit us perceive that we are united, that there is connectivity, that the brands have values that complement each other, we become stronger," she said. Gil was one of the international speakers who participated in the sixth version of the annual meeting of the Fundación Imagen de Chile (FICH), where she addressed the importance of place branding and its value in the international positioning of a country. 

Presentation by Jaqueline Gil at the Image of Chile 2024 Meeting

During her visit to Chile, the director of Embratur highlighted "the interaction between the public and private sectors", considering "interesting the high level at which the Chile Brand is working". In this line, she valued the importance given to the country image, promoting spaces for discussion on "how we can take a step forward, how we can generate more impact through the brand in the world". 

In this sense, the Ibero-American Council of Country Brands (CIMAP), which Chile is chairing this year and which will have Santiago as the venue for the 2024 forum, acquires relevance. "Institutions and groups such as CIMAP strengthen and are the basis from which we must work on the branding issue. I am an enthusiast of CIMAP and Brazil is once again participating in this initiative," said Jaqueline Gil.  

Rossana Dresdner, Executive Director of Fundación Imagen de Chile, at the ceremony of awarding the presidency of CIMAP 2024.

With respect to Brand Brazil, he discussed how his country has worked to incorporate, within its historical narrative, the values that today are seen as a priority, includingsustainability. "Today the brand seeks to be an intermediary that allows us to make visible what the country does, to be a better space for humanity and also to involve those who visit us, joining efforts to make us stronger together in the protection of nature, culture and people," he said.

Regeneration tourism

A survey conducted this year by Embratur of eleven foreign markets showed that visitors to Brazil choose beaches, carnival and the Amazon as their destinations, places traditionally preferred by tourists, but which in recent years have been accompanied by a growing interest in nature conservation experiences. "We are working on diversification. This includes small towns, experiences with territory and gastronomy, and what has to do with sustainability and regeneration tourism experiences" explained Jaqueline Gil.

"Research has taught us that tourists want to leave the sites they visit better than how they found them when they arrived. This means that people want to get involved in experiences that leave nature better preserved or that allow for the regeneration of spaces," said the director of Embratur. 

Regarding the challenges involved in addressing conservation in countries that depend economically on the extraction of raw materials, the expert considers that they are not mutually exclusive. "We are commodity producing countries, so I think that both Chile and Brazil have to work on this issue, how we do the production and sale of raw materials and on the other hand we conserve nature," she reflected. "The path is to complement production with issues that contribute to our environment, not only in the country, but also globally," he concluded.

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