June 03, 2024 #ChileGlobal

Ibero-American country brands agree to collaborate for the positioning of the region in the world

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The agreement was reached at the Pre-Forum of the Ibero-American Country Brand Council, held in El Salvador, a preparatory meeting for the CIMAP 2024 Forum, to be held in Chile at the end of the year.

One of the most innovative agreements reached at the recent Pre-Forum of the Ibero-American Country Brand Council (CIMAP), held in El Salvador at the end of May, was to make progress in the coordination of Ibero-American country brands in order to develop initiatives aimed at positioning the region in the world.

The meeting, led by the hostess, the Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, Morena Valdez, and the Executive Director of Imagen de Chile and current President of CIMAP, Rossana Dresdner, was also attended by public and private entities from El Salvador and its objective was to exchange opinions and ideas based on what will be the CIMAP 2024 Forum, to be held in Chile at the end of the year.

During the event, various internal and external initiatives were discussed in order to strengthen the organization and its impact in the region. " This meeting allowed us, the different country brands of the continent, to exchange opinions and ideas on Place Branding, which we must address in Chile at the end of the year," said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Rossana Dresdner.

He added that in today's competitive world, "it is of the utmost importance for territories to be able to position their specificities, their cultural identity and values, and also their development stakes, not only as countries, but also as continents. This is what Europe, Asia and Africa are doing today. And in El Salvador we are making progress in this conversation". 

The executive director of Imagen de Chile also emphasized that "working together to position ourselves as a united region is an innovative agreement that will allow us to relate to the world in a different way, and I hope that we will gradually define concrete initiatives with this orientation". 

Dresdner thanked Minister Valdez and her team for the reception, highlighting that they honor their slogan "Country of Hosts". "El Salvador was a very good space to advance our concrete coordination as a Council, and undoubtedly we owe that to this Country of Hosts," concluded the Executive Director of Country Image.

CIMAP, which since 2013 has brought together the 19 leading Country Branding organizations in Ibero-America, is the most important regional instance in the field of Place Branding.

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