March 13, 2024 #ChileGlobal

Chancellor Alberto van Klaveren and Chile's image in the world: "A transversal and unitary country image, with a State vision".

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Foreign Minister Alberto van Klaveren stressed that Chile's image "is not only based on our economic, cultural and geographic strengths, but also on the values we hold as a nation," at the opening of the annual meeting of the Fundación Imagen de Chile (Image of Chile Foundation).

The sixth version of the annual meeting organized by the Fundación Imagen de Chile (Fich), which on this occasion brought together more than 300 people, addressed the importance behind place branding and its value as a tool for the international positioning of a country. Chaired by Foreign Minister Alberto Van Klaveren, the event brought together different actors from the public and private sectors, as well as top-level international speakers, in a space that sought to promote the exchange of ideas and learning around a key issue: how to enhance Chile's country brand, a fundamental asset for nations.

Chancellor Alberto van Klaveren addressing the guests

"Chile's image is not only based on our economic, cultural and geographic strengths, but also on the values we hold as a nation. The Fundación Imagen de Chile plays an important role in the integration of the different sectors of society to build a transversal and unitary country image, with a state vision. This not only means that its mission transcends the work of a specific government or sector, but also seeks to promote the construction of a collective national narrative that involves the wide variety of people and groups that make up our society," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alberto van Klaveren.

Being able to listen and understand

The executive director of Imagen de Chile, Rossana Dresdner, emphasized that "as a foundation we have assumed an articulating role in these sectors, guided by the premise that the image of Chile is built by all of us. This has meant generating new ties, trust and alliances, and being able to listen and understand how the promotion of the country is expressed in the different sectors and institutions, public and private, large and small, and how it is possible to coordinate all these manifestations and give them coherence".

Rossana Dresdner, Executive Director of the Fundación Imagen de Chile, together with representatives of the Food Export Council.

This year's version had as its special guest the world reference in country branding, the British Simon Anholt, advisor to heads of government of more than 70 countries. "These types of events are really important, because they allow people to develop a better understanding of the value of country image, and at the same time to develop high-level discussions. I believe that this is the only way in which this discipline can develop and progress over time," said the expert about the meeting. 

Jacqueline Gil, international director of Marketing, Business and Sustainability of the Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion (Embratur), was also present as a regional speaker, explaining the strategy behind the Brazil Brand.

Public-private articulation

The event was attended by the Minister of Sports, Jaime Pizarro, the Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Pardo, the Undersecretary of Culture and the Arts, Noela Salas, and the President of the Food Export Council, Claudio Cilveti.

"It is very gratifying to see, both in the facts and in the feelings of the citizens, the impact that sport has on the country's image, both locally and internationally," said the head of Sports, Jaime Pizarro. 

The Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Pardo, added that "...all the actors that make up Chile must make joint efforts and take advantage of opportunities. When we talk about Chile's image, it can only be done in a public-private way, and with the downs that allow us to go out to the world with a common message". 

Claudio Cilveti, president of the Food Export Council, pointed out that "today 153 million people taste the Chile brand through the Council. We are 11 guilds and we are in contact with more than 150 countries on a daily basis. It is the work of 50 years with ProChile and the Fundación Imagen de Chile. We have great challenges and fertile ground to strengthen public-private work and focus on clear and direct efforts".


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