December 14, 2023 #ChileGlobal

Chile assumes presidency of Ibero-American Country Brand Council

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By being awarded the leadership of CIMAP for 2024, our country will host the most important meeting on Place Branding in Ibero-America, a space that seeks to share experiences on strategic management in this field from an international perspective.

The most important regional instance in the field of Place Branding will be chaired by Chile during the year 2024. The Ibero-American Council of Country Brands (CIMAP) has been bringing together the main organizations of Country Brands in Ibero-America since 2013, and seeks to strengthen the work and collaboration between countries through the exchange of experiences and best practices on the narrative, strategy and management of country brands in the region.

With this, Chile will host the 11th edition of the Ibero-American Country Brand Forum, which is expected to take place during the second half of next year.

"The presidency of CIMAP has a fundamental value and is part of the recognition of the systematic and sustained work that our country has done in collaboration between the public and private sectors, the world of culture, in various areas to project a country image that generates confidence in what we are, in the values we represent and of course in our products," said Gloria de la Fuente, Minister (s) of Foreign Affairs.

"The presidency of CIMAP has a fundamental value and is part of the recognition of the systematic and sustained work that our country has done in collaboration between the public and private sectors," said Gloria de la Fuente, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Place Branding, a practice that began to become widespread at the end of the last century, has become a key tool for positioning a country internationally, contributing to the perception of a place based on its history, culture, community and ecosystem.

"In Chile we are innovating in our country branding work and this is something we want to share with the other members of the Council. We want them to see how we effectively approach the country strategy in collaboration with the different sectors, with dialogues and agreements, sharing information and enriching ourselves with our own vision of the country in order to broaden it and together be able to leave with a stronger, more authentic country image", says Rossana Dresdner, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

Thus, this new version of the Ibero-American Country Brand Forum will provide a space to learn and share about the design, construction, management and sustainability of the Country Brands of 17 countries and 2 cities in Ibero-America (Andorra, Argentina, Barcelona City Council, City of Buenos Aires, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela).

The value of Chile's image

One of the keys behind country image lies in its ability to strengthen cultural identity and improve a nation's global positioning. Through a Place Branding strategy, an authentic narrative can be created that reflects the country's unique characteristics, thus improving international perception, investment promotion and recognition of the country in the world.

"Presiding this group is an opportunity to lead and place on the international agenda issues in which Chile can contribute in terms of image, origin and, above all, sustainability, all pillars that we share as a whole and are very coordinated with the strategy of Marca Chile," said Claudio Cilveti, president of the Food Export Council and general manager of Wines of Chile.

From Sofofa, the president of Frutas de Chile Iván Marambio comments that "all the instances in which Chile can lead must be taken, collected and exercised with the leadership that has characterized Chile in the outside world and this is a great instance to demonstrate that".

For the tourism area, this leadership in CIMAP is perceived as an opportunity to concretize coordination efforts among the member nations. "This presidency is very interesting because it will allow us to generate alliances with neighboring countries in order to position the continent, for example, in distant markets," emphasized Cristóbal Benítez, general director of Sernatur.

Chile previously hosted the second version of this Forum in 2014, which had the slogan "Latin America, strengthening the image of its nations". For this next edition, the country is committed to show and share its mixed strategy, which seeks to enhance Chile's commercial attractiveness, but at the same time disseminate Chile's position on issues that matter to public opinion, opinion leaders and institutions of other nations, such as Democracy, Sustainability and Diversity.

Thus, during 2024, a series of thematic workshops will be held in order to strengthen the work of positioning and enhancing the country's image through a territorial brand. El Salvador will be in charge of the CIMAP secretariat next year.


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