November 04, 2021 #ChileGlobal

Imagen de Chile receives the award for Best Use of Data at the City Nation Place Awards 2021

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  • The foundation in charge of promoting Chile's image abroad was recognized by the study carried out in order to monitor the international perception of the country in strategic markets.
  • This is in addition to the two awards received last week at the ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival, for the "Chile Creating Future" campaign.

Imagen de Chile won the "Best Use of Data" award at the City Nation Place Awards 2021, a forum that annually brings together representatives of country brands from various parts of the world and that takes place these days in London, England.  The institution was recognized by the Longitudinal Study of the Image of Chile, which consisted of conducting monthly questionnaires to 12 priority cities around various topics relevant to the positioning of the country's image and key to the strategic development of the brand.

"The importance of this award is that it recognizes strategic work that we did at Imagen de Chile, based on data. Develop a strategy, campaigns, and content; from data. Engage audiences and connect with outside audiences, using information from the studies as a relevant input. In each of these stages, we used this data to include more views and develop a strategy that responded to what those views were looking for, then generate a campaign that would allow Chile to be in tune with the audience we wanted to reach, and then evaluate the result of the work we are doing based on data," said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea, from London.

At the annual meeting of country brands, the executive director of Imagen de Chile presented the fundamentals behind the current Chile Creating Future strategy, which seeks to highlight Chilean talent at the international level and show Chile from the contributions it makes to the world for a better future for all.

Fundación Imagen de Chile was also a finalist in the categories "Best Communication Strategy: Place Brand" and "Place Brand of the Year", also standing out as the only South American country to be nominated in the prestigious City Nation Place awards.

This important award is in addition to two recognitions received last week by Imagen de Chile at the ART&TUR International Festival, held in the city of Aveiro, Portugal, where the "Chile Creating Future" campaign, a series of 12 audiovisual pieces that show how Chile is contributing to the world, received first place in the "Originality" and "Advertising Campaigns" categories.

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The study has made it possible to gather information on Chile's image in key indicators such as familiarity and favorability; on positioning issues such as association with Chilean products, perception of tourist destinations and travel barriers, knowledge of cultural and heritage attractions, reputation of Chilean professionals; and finally, on contingency issues.

The twelve strategic markets defined by Imagen de Chile – along with key partners such as ProChile, InvestChile, the Undersecretary of Tourism and the Undersecretary of International Economic Relations – were Sao Paulo, New York, Washington, Toronto, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Dubai, New Delhi, Tokyo and Shanghai.

The main strength of the longitudinal methodology lies in the fact that it allows us to measure in the long term, and in a flexible and dynamic way, the perception of these markets around the issues relevant to the positioning of the country's image. In this way, you can detect how audiences know you in all 12 markets at once and make comparisons between them. In addition, it allows you to regularly establish and measure key indicators for the brand strategy.





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