May 07, 2021 #ChileGlobal

Director of New Zealand Story shared her agency's country branding challenges with Imagen de Chile

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Rebecca Smith, a marketing specialist, has been in charge of promoting New Zealand's country image for more than 7 years.

Rebecca Smith, director of New Zealand Story, New Zealand's country branding agency, held a meeting with the Imagen de Chile team where she shared her institution's practices and the challenges it has faced in promoting the country's image abroad.

At the meeting, Smith said that one of the main challenges is to keep the country brand up to date with the social changes a nation is experiencing, as well as to make the story known to various organizations and get them to take ownership of it in order to go abroad with a unique and coherent message.

The agency is dedicated, among other things, to creating and distributing quality, relevant and interesting content to project the attributes with which they seek to position themselves and differentiate themselves from the rest. The director also pointed out that it maintains an active relationship with New Zealand's embassies around the world to amplify the message effectively and consistently.

As in Imagen de Chile, New Zealand Story has a licensee program that has allowed it to generate more brand presence abroad by highlighting the value of origin and associating New Zealand products with the international reputation that the country has built over the years.


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