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Presence in world rankings: Chile shines on the global stage during 2023

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"Best Green Destination", Santiago as guest of honor at the Buenos Aires Book Fair and the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the coup d'état are just some of the milestones for which Chile stood out in the world in 2023.

Diversity is one of the characteristics of Chilean identity. We are a country that is nourished both by ancestral cultures and by the contribution of migrant communities, of very diverse origins, throughout our history. This diversity -social, cultural and geographic- was expressed this year in the awarding of diverse artistic creations in outstanding international events. Our contribution to the world is also manifested in the more than 1,200,000 Chileans living in other latitudes, something that we highlight this year as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the coup d'état.

Chile: a sustainable destination

For the second consecutive year, our country was distinguished by the World Travel Awards as Best Green Destination for its promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism experiences. This award is in addition to other recognitions such as Best Romantic Destination and Best Adventure Destination in South America. "Tourism must be sustainable and sustainable, so we are committed to working for an industry that incorporates these elements on a daily basis, promoting initiatives and activating coordination with other public institutions for the development of green policies, such as the Clean Production Agreements applied to our sector," said the Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Pardo Lagos, in December.

The prestigious publication Condé Nast Traveler, chose San Pedro de Atacama as one of the 24 must-see destinations to visit in 2024, not only for being "one of the oldest towns in Chile" and a must-see destination for astro-tourism lovers, but also for the development of policies aimed at its conservation, allows visitors to visit its captivating snow-capped volcanic mountains in the driest non-polar region in the world, biodiversity sanctuaries such as the Los Flamencos National Reserve, as well as the recently inaugurated Desierto Florido National Park. 

The Longitudinal Study on Chile's Image 2023, prepared by Fundación Imagen de Chile and Ipsos Consulting, showed that 78% of people living in our priority markets highlight our attractive nature, while 69% wish to visit our country.

Cities with international presence

The last edition of the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires served as an outstanding platform for the promotion and dissemination of national literature, in which Santiago was the guest of honor. For two weeks, some twenty writers and artists gathered at "La Rural" to share their creations.

Our capital also stood out in the "Inaugural City Index 2023" as one of the 100 best cities in the world, and second in Latam, a publication that highlighted its growth potential in the region, as well as its green and cosmopolitan spaces.

Another locality surveyed at the international level was the city of Valdivia, which was visited last October by representatives from Argentina, Brazil and China, among others, to participate in the II International Meeting "Los Ríos more than a brand", a space that sought to position the region as a benchmark for investment, tourism and culture.

Chilean identity in the world

September 11, 2023 marked 50 years since the civil-military coup that broke the democratic coexistence of our country, a commemoration that was lived throughout our territory, and also beyond its borders, through the 1,200,000 compatriots living outside Chile.  

Among the various commemorative activities was the documentary "50 years: Identity, Memory and Future", produced by Fundación Imagen de Chile, which through the testimony of forced and voluntary exiles, sought to show how our identity is built around the world.

One of its protagonists, the Mexico-based writer Alejandro Zambra, also made news in 2023 when he became the first Chilean to win the Manuel Rojas Ibero-American Narrative Prize. 

From Antarctica, Chilean swimmer Bárbara Hernández made headlines worldwide by crossing 2.5 km of icy waters, without protective gear and in a time of 45 minutes. The feat, which was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, also included a message about the importance of preserving the glaciers, part of Chile's geographic diversity and a scenario of attractive interest for scientists from the five continents.


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