August 06, 2021 #ChileGlobal

Imagen de Chile presents a country brand strategy to key players in international relations

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The executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea, made a presentation to the Civil Society Council (COSOC) of the Undersecretariat of International Economic Relations, on the different actions that Imagen de Chile carries out to position the country's image in the region and the world in areas such as sustainability and innovation.

"We do an important job of listening to the world through research and market studies, seeing how Chile is perceived, taking the pulse of what they see of us. On the other hand, we play an articulating role between the public and private worlds, where our vocation is to act with other actors who are the ones who execute and are the specialists in their field, where another important role is to incorporate the citizenry", said Cea.

The executive director of Imagen de Chile highlighted the new country image positioning strategy called "Chile Creating Future", indicating that this new campaign is part of the need to redefine how the country wants to position itself in the eyes of the world in the next 10 years.



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