November 22, 2021 #Imagen of Chile

Imagen de Chile celebrates reaching 1,000 brand users with the "Chile, Creating Future from the Origin" webinar

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  • The seminar addressed the current challenges of building a country brand, reviewing its importance, the impact it generates and the value of being associated with it.
  • The event took place to celebrate the milestone of 1,000 organizations becoming part of the Marca Chile (Chile brand) program. Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Lucas Palacios, Almabrands Executive Director Carolina Altschwager, Imagen de Chile CEO Constanza Cea and representatives of Solubag and Kunstmann participated.

To celebrate the 1,000 organizations that are now using the Chile brand to proudly show off their products and services to the world, Imagen de Chile held the "Chile, Creando Futuro desde el Origen" (Chile, Creating Future from the Origin) webinar. It addressed the importance of building a country brand and the value for companies and organizations that partner with it.

"It is of great importance that our country's image has been steadily growing throughout the world. A country image is essential for economic development and, as Chile strengthens its image, a virtuous circle is created that positively affects its economy: more investment, more tourism, greater worldwide exchange. This generates growth and employment, which translates into greater economic development for the country," stated Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Lucas Palacios on opening the webinar.

Image by Chile CEO Constanza Cea provided details about the new strategy that has sought to promote Chile throughout the world: the "Chile Creating Future" campaign. "In 2020, we took a new step in building the country's image, inviting the world to learn about what Chileans have to offer, moving from landscape to people, from geography to innovation, from growth to sustainability and, ultimately, moving from what we receive to what we have to contribute to building a better world," she explained.

"We have this brand in which more than 1,000 organizations are already involved. We want them to be part of it, to promote the value of origin at the national and international level. It is an invitation to proudly use the brand on their products, platforms and events, so that when people see this seal, they associate it with quality, talent and creating future," said Imagen de Chile's CEO.

Almabrands Executive Director Carolina Altschwager stressed that the seal is currently quite widely used in many different spaces among the organizations and companies that have signed up to the country brand program. She highlighted the importance of the purpose that the Chile brand has.

"The country brand is much more than a seal; it is much more than a logo that allows us to identify where products and services come from. The identity of the Chile brand, which for a long time allowed us to identify the origin, has value as a means of identification. But the country brand is also about emotion, the feelings that are awakened when we see or hear about a brand. So, the challenge is for this seal to have a set of meanings that are consistent over time and that give value to what we are providing to people that we work with via our image," Ms. Altschwager explained. "Today, this seal allows us to identify the origin, but it also allows us to create an identity," she added.

Patricio Cabezas, CEO of Solubag for Latin America, and Romina Marino, head of communications and sustainable development at Cervecería Kunstmann, also participated in the seminar. The two companies use the Chile brand and have played a key role in showing how Chile is creating future.

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