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Chilean Cinema

Chilean cinema enjoys international recognition for its impressive work, from actors and actresses to directors and screenwriters, Chilean visual storytellers are in high demand.

Chilean talent shines on the screen

The Chilean cinema is experiencing a great moment on the global stage.l. Actors, actresses and directors from Chile are gaining international recognition for their impressive work.

Documentaries, in particular, have put Chilean films in the spotlight. The moving "El agente topo"received widespread acclaim, including an Oscar nomination, the same accomplishment achieved by the more recent The Infinite Memory. Director Maite Alberdi brought attention to important issues through her poignant storytelling. Animation has also been successful, with such accolades as the Oscar for Best Animated Short for A Bear Story.

Santiago's theaters and festivals nurture local talent and also present international productions. Events such as SANFIC, the Valdivia Film Festival and the Santiago International Film Festival showcase the best of Chilean and world cinema. 

Chilean creative figures such as Matías Bize, Pablo Larraín, Isabel Allende and Pedro Pascal have introduced the culture to global fans. Netflix and Hollywood have taken note of talents like Marcela Saidwith her skills in action series. From screenwriters to animators, Chilean visual storytellers are increasingly in demand.


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