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Chilean cinema shines at festivals around the world

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2022 was a great year for Chilean cinema: national productions broke historical records in international awards with 219 awards at film festivals around the world, an unprecedented figure for the national industry. What is expected for the beginning of 2023? We invite you to learn about Chile's presence in the first four international events of the year, in which the country will be represented by 14 films by talented national artists.


"La Memoria Infinita", by Chilean documentary filmmaker Maite Alberdi, and "Brujería", directed by Chilean filmmaker Christopher Murray, had their world premieres during the Sundance International Film Festival, which took place from January 20 to 30 in Park City, United States. Alberdi's film, in addition to being acclaimed by the public, was the winner in the World Cinema Documentary Competition category.

In addition to these two participations, there were four other Chilean productions: "Rotting in the Sun" by Chilean Sebastián Silva, had its international premiere at Sundance; "AliEN0089" a techno-thriller directed by Chilean Valeria Hofmann, had its world premiere in the Midnight section of the same festival and received the award for Best Short Film Director; "Quiltro" by Vuk Lungulov-Klotz, a Chilean-Serbian filmmaker, had its premiere in the Dramatic Competition section. There was also a screening of "White Ant", the first feature film by Shalini Adnani, an Indian screenwriter and director who grew up in Chile.

"Infinite Memory"


Between January 25 and February 5, the 52nd edition of the Rotterdam Film Festival, one of the major world cinema events on a par with Cannes, Venice and Berlin, will be held, and this time it will host four outstanding Chilean film directors. The event will be the setting for the World Premiere of "El puño del cóndor" by Ernesto Díaz, and "Las demás" by Chilean Alexandra Hyland. In addition, there will be the International Premiere of "Geranios" by Chilean director Lou Marino, and the European Premiere of "Alien0089" by Valeria Hoffman, both Chilean films also selected in the Short & Mid-length Program.

"The condor's fist"


For the first time since its creation, Chile was invited to participate in the Ibero American Film Festival Miami (IAFFM), the successful Miami festival that promotes the artistic level of Ibero-American filmmakers and their works. The national debut, this January 24, sought to be the gateway to the U.S. market, counting among its selection of works with "Trespassing" by Tomas Gonzalez, which received the Special Jury Award of this festival, as well as the successful production "Desert Stars" directed by Katherine Harder, which received the award for Best Short Film.

Also present were "Deshabitada" by Camila Donoso, "Teo" directed by Eduardo Bunster and Belén Abarza, as well as the Chilean work "María Ojos Negros" by Benjamín Brunet, which inaugurated the first edition of the festival's Work in Progress.


Between February 16 and 22, the European Film Market 2023 will be held in Berlin, a platform focused on the business and promotion of film, which will include the participation of outstanding audiovisual pieces such as: "La memoria infinita" by Maite Alberdi in Panorama; "Mutt" by Vuk Lungulov-Klotz in Generation 14Plus; "Los ángeles" by Joaquín Cociña and Cristóbal León in World Cinema Market Projects; as well as the presence of the production company "Quijote Films" in the Company Matching Programme. In addition, Imagen de Chile will screen the documentary "Soy la Tierra: historias desde el fin del mundo" (I am the Earth: stories from the end of the world), produced by Fábula, Oscar winners; and directed by the award-winning national director Maite Alberdi; which tells the stories of eight Chilean men and women who in different ways are contributing to the fight against the climate crisis and which also reflects the leadership that Chile is having in this matter at a global level.

"I am theEarth. Stories from the end of the world"

2022, a historic year for Chilean film industry

The Chilean film agenda last year was marked by an extensive participation in major international events, a milestone that brought the Chilean industry the sum of 219 awards at both festivals and international meetings, an unprecedented figure for the national industry.

We invite you to enter CinemaChile and relive each and every one of the awards that outstanding national talents received during 2022.


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