May 09, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

Undersecretary Gloria de la Fuente: "Female leadership tends to be more inclusive".

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In an interview with the Spanish media "El País", the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs referred to the importance of the Feminist Foreign Policy and the role of women in the midst of international war conflicts.

"It is very difficult or impossible to think of democracy in the 21st century without gender equality, which involves more than 50% of the population. What we seek is to strengthen and make visible this feminist agenda to consolidate important advances in recent years," said Undersecretary Gloria de la Fuente in an interview with the newspaper El País. The authority emphasized that conflicts and climate change affect women and girls unequally, stressing the need to address these disparities and reiterated the Chilean government's commitment to promote an egalitarian agenda in international relations.

According to the undersecretary, the feminist approach in conflicts such as Gaza and Ukraine focuses on the role of women both as victims and as agents of peace. She also stressed the importance of international cooperation in humanitarian aid directed at vulnerable populations, collaborating with organizations such as Unicef and UNRWA.

Undersecretary De la Fuente during the launching of Chile's presidency of CIMAP

Regarding female leadership, De la Fuente highlighted its inclusive nature and its capacity to inspire new generations . Acknowledging the challenges faced by women in politics, the authority addressed, from gender stereotypes to the demand for extraordinary qualities. " In my current position I feel an enormous responsibility to open doors for other women because I know that the road traveled has not been easy for me or for others," said the undersecretary.

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