March 21, 2024 #ChileDemocratic

Fundación Imagen de Chile incorporates four new members to its board of directors

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Paula Escobar, María Angélica Valenzuela, Amparo Cornejo and Iván Marambio are the new directors joining the foundation. Chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the institution's board of directors currently has 18 members.

Consistent with the objective of carrying out an articulated work among the different sectors that today project the country's image to the world, in March the Fundación Imagen de Chile incorporated four new members to its Board of Directors. They are Paula Escobar, María Angélica Valenzuela, Amparo Cornejo and Iván Marambio, prominent figures from the private sector and civil society.

"In our work to promote Chile's image, as a Foundation we have positioned ourselves as an articulator between different sectors, guided by the conviction that Chile's image is a collective and State project. Our commitment has been to forge relationships, build trust and establish strategic alliances, always with the willingness to listen and understand the ways in which the promotion of our country is concretely manifested in different areas, developed by public and private institutions", said Rossana Dresdner, executive director of the Fundación Imagen de Chile. 

In this context, the executive added, "it is vital that the diversity of sectors that play a decisive role in building a positive country image of Chile in the world be represented on our Board of Directors.

The new members of the Board of Directors are:

Paula Escobar Chavarría, journalist and Master in Comparative Literature, recognized for her work in different media outlets and organizations, both nationally and internationally. She is Founder and Executive Director of the Cátedra Mujeres y Medios at Universidad Diego Portales, and Professor at the School of Communications at the UDP. She is currently a member of the boards of Comunidad Mujer, Teatro Municipal de Santiago, The Young Global Leaders Foundation of the World Economic Forum, The New Humanitarian, as well as a member of the Foreign Affairs Advisory Council of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

María Angélica Valenzuela Correa, Commercial Engineer with extensive experience in Marketing, Branding, Business Development and Corporate Communications. She is the Commercial Director of Wines of Chile, a trade association of Chilean wineries that brings together 90% of Chile's wine exports. She has more than 30 years of experience as Marketing Manager in leading companies in consumer products and retail, with extensive experience in the implementation of commercial strategies and in the leadership of multifunctional projects.

Amparo Cornejo Careaga is a journalist with a prominent role in the South American mining industry and an active member of several organizations related to the sector. She currently holds the position of Vice President for South America of the Canadian mining company Teck, is a member of the Executive Leadership Committee of the Mining Council and is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Mining Society (Sonami). She also serves as a director of the Chilean Pacific Foundation and the Chilean-Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Iván Marambio Castaño, lawyer and president of Frutas de Chile A.G., whose career has been closely linked to the promotion of the Chilean fruit industry. He has worked in various law firms, arriving in the fruit industry in 2000 as an executive of Dole Chile S.A., leading initiatives in sustainability and exports for Chile, Latin America and South Africa. Since 2014 he has served as a member of the Board of Directors of Frutas de Chile, until assuming its presidency in 2022.

To meet the members of the board of directors of Fundación Imagen de Chile, click here


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