March 10, 2021 #ChileGlobal

How Chile Created One of the World's Most Successful Vaccination Campaigns

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The Latin American country bet heavily on vaccines and relied on a strong primary care network. Now, a quarter of the country has received at least one shot

Dr. Joxelin Flores Taborda, a resident of Santiago, Chile, got her second dose of Coronavac last week. Then he had a small headache, but "a good headache," he said. "I thought, 'The vaccine is doing something to me inside.'"

Flores is a pediatrician specializing in pulmonology. She and her colleagues working in health services were among the first to receive vaccines at the start of Chile's Covid-19 vaccination campaign in early February.

Since then, Chile has supplied about 5 million doses , with at least one shot for nearly a quarter of its population of about 19 million. The country's vaccination campaign has been far ahead of the rest of Latin America and much of the world. Chile has set a goal of giving at least one dose to 15 million people by the end of June.

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