January 10, 2023 #ChileGlobal

Visit of President Gustavo Petro: What does Colombia think about Chile?

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  • Good partners for business; quality products and a reference in socio-political transformations, expresses, broadly speaking, how Colombia perceives Chile, according to the Longitudinal Study of Fundación Imagen de Chile 2022.
  • Colombia is the South American country that places the highest value on the Chilean origin when choosing an imported product in the region. And, when looking for a partner to invest and do business with, our country is the first choice among entrepreneurs in Bogota.

This Monday, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, landed in Santiago on an official visit to Chile, in the context of an agenda with common interests between the presidents, such as Latin American integration and the importance of climate and gender policies.

But what does Colombia think about Chile?

According to the Longitudinal Image Study of Chile 2022, conducted in mid-2022, Bogota has a positive perception of our country, highlighting mainly stability and economic development. According to the information gathered, the level of knowledge and favorability is significantly higher than the rest of the cities evaluated, even higher than São Paulo and Mexico City.

The study positions Chile as the first choice among businessmen in Bogota when looking for a partner to invest and do business with, with 51%, over the other countries surveyed -Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Peru- with Mexico being the second preference, with 46%.

"Today Chile is the main South American investor in Colombia and our perception study shows a high interest of Colombians in our country, with a special focus on business opportunities and advances in public policies," summarizes Rossana Dresdner, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

The main concepts associated with our country, according to the study, are Culture and Gastronomy (44%), Landscapes and Geography (34%), Economy and Education (26%), and History and Politics (12%). Regarding the question "When you think of Chile, what is the first thing that comes to mind?", the most mentioned concepts were "President", "Wines" and "Economy", together with "Stable", "Culture", "Beautiful" and "Gastronomy".

The Longitudinal Image Study of Chile 2022 also measured the level of general knowledge about the contingency. Thus, of the 14 cities consulted, Bogota shows the highest level of knowledge about the change of government in 2022 and about the socio-political changes of recent years. The return to democracy in 1990 and institutional strength stand out.

Chile and Colombia: an expanding trade relationship.

Since 2009, Chile and Colombia have had a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and, to date, our country is positioned as its main South American investor, and as the fourth recipient of Colombian capital in the region, after Brazil, Argentina and Peru. According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), in the last 25 years, Chilean exports to Colombia have grown at an annualized rate of 4.56%, the main exports in October 2022 being apples and pears ($8.92M), unspecified commodities ($7.24M), chemical wood sulfate ($4.55M), fish fillets ($3.98M), and unfilled frozen fish ($3.31M).

The attribute most associated by Colombians with Chilean products is "good quality" (85%), with wine (79%), fruit (56%), cultural products (42%) and fish and seafood (31%) being the best known. "These data reflect the good perception that exists about our products, where 75% of those consulted give a lot or quite a lot of value to the fact that a product or service is of Chilean origin", concludes the executive director of Imagen de Chile.


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