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Come and discover Caleta Tortel

In the commune of Prat, sheltered in the Aysén Region of General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo and next to the mouth of the Baker River, we can find one of the many treasures hidden in Chilean Patagonia; the town of Caleta Tortel.

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Due to its location, in an estuary located right between the Northern Ice Fields and the Northern Icefields and the Southern Icefieldsthe area remained isolated for a long time. Although there were some constructions and small houses of settlers on some rocks, the official foundation of the town took place on May 25, 1955 with an original way of adapting to the geography and also to nature.

A dense and exuberant vegetation, which compares to few other places, and a particular and rugged geography where gulfs and fjords abound, were the main reasons for the city to gradually begin to be located on footbridges built with the same wood of the place; especially Cypress of Guaitecasone of the attributes that made it also known in the rest of Chile.

Linking the jetties with the homes of the villagers and the access roads, 6 kilometers of walkways were created that respect the lush vegetation and blend in with it in a balance that is not only functional but also beautiful on a scenic level. These pedestrian walkways go over rocks, fjords and the crystalline waters of the Baker River. Baker Riverautomatically making it a must-see tourist destination for visitors to Patagonia.

Here are a few of the panoramas that you can enjoy in this paradisiacal place:

Walking along the walkways: Undoubtedly the hallmark that distinguishes Tortel. You can spend all day touring the city through these paths that literally do not touch the ground!

Jorge Montt Glacier: In the Southern Ice Fields, we find this wonder of nature. A massive ice wall that can be approached, depending on weather conditions, in the same boat or walking from a short distance. It should be taken into account about 3 hours of navigation from Caleta Tortel.

Island of the Dead: At the mouth of the Baker River, a few kilometers from Caleta Tortel, is this place that houses a little-known history shrouded in mystery. Impressive vegetation abounds, adorning a landscape worth visiting.

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