November 23, 2023 #ChileDiverse #Columns

Santiago 2023: What Moves Us

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Column by Rossana Dresdner, Executive Director of Fundación Imagen de Chile.

For two weeks, the Pan American Games brought together in Chile more than 5,000 athletes from the Americas and close to 1.5 million spectators, making it a national event like few others we have seen. It was a space of encounter and celebration for the whole country, which, we believe, we needed. It was exciting to see the venues full, people of all ages, children, youth, adults and seniors, vibrating with all kinds of sports, many very different from those that usually dominate the stadiums and screens. And then the Chilean medals, more prolific than ever. It was a transversal enthusiasm that almost took us by surprise. It was grit, commitment, achievements, joy, celebrations. And pride. Chilean pride.

The Pan American Games were a unique opportunity to feel part of a whole and to express the true essence of Chile to the world. For Imagen de Chile, this is not a minor issue. It is what we are dedicated to. 

Now we have the Parapan American Games, a pure expression of strength, capacity for effort and collaborative work, dedication, mysticism, conviction and values. We believe that this is precisely what our Country Image is all about. To tell the world that we are capable, that we want, that we believe. And, of course, that we can. 

We are a country that has faced many obstacles in its history, but that understands that achievements are not determined by the absence of problems, but by the ability to stand up and face them. We are building a better country. We are advancing perhaps not as fast as everyone would like. But we are moving forward in a responsible manner, with our eyes set on a horizon that is closer than remote.

The Pan American and Parapan American Games are much more than a sporting competition; they are a vibrant and dynamic representation of the determination that drives us: collective effort, aspirations for a better life and a better world, and a constant reminder that, with will and working together, there are no limits to what we can achieve. That is what drives us.

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