January 18, 2023 #ChileDiverse #ChileGlobal

International media were part of the opening of the 12th version of Congreso Futuro

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Convened by Fundación Imagen de Chile, the correspondents were able to learn about some of the topics to be addressed in this edition, current challenges that are organized under the slogan "no real limit".

On January 11, the front of the Teatro Oriente in Providencia was the setting for the kick-off of the Futuro 2023 Congress, the largest platform for the exchange of ideas and thought in Latin America that seeks to address issues concerning the future of the planet and humanity. Organized by the Future Challenges Commission of the Chilean Senate and the Future Encounters Foundation (FEF), this year's launch was attended by international correspondents, part of the alliance that the scientific meeting maintains with Imagen de Chile.

During a press conference, representatives of the public and private sector announced the topics that this version will address, from artificial intelligence and neuro-rights, to reflections that speak of the fundamental role of science to build a better future for all. "Today more than ever, science is key to help us understand our planet and seek the solutions we need as a human race, and from Imagen de Chile we are convinced that our country has much to contribute to the world in building a better planet," said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Rossana Dresdner.

"For the first time, Congreso Futuro will be in all regions of the country, an example of how we should present ourselves to the world: collectively and with the participation of all regions. Because the future of Chile is being built by all of us", he added.

For her part, gender diversity activist and Future Congress speaker, Abby Stein, reflected on the challenges and opportunities offered by the meeting. "The experience of being here and sharing with other speakers goes beyond all expectations. I want to emphasize that, in all industrial revolutions, there have always been people who have been left behind. I'm thinking of women and the elderly, so we need to make sure that, this time, everyone is really part of it, everyone is moving forward, whether it's in the metaverse, whether it's in science, whether it's in the oceans, whether it's on land. Everyone needs to have a place at the table and everyone needs to be included. When you design the table and everyone is invited - not because of who they are, but because they are who they are - you build a better future and a better science," she said.

The event was attended by various spokespersons from the public and private sectors, including Álvaro Elizalde, president of the Senate; Guido Girardi, vice-president of the FEF; Rossana Dresdner, executive director of Fundación Imagen de Chile (FICH); Francisco Chahuán, senator and president of the Future Challenges Commission; Daniel Fernández, president of the FEF; the president of the Chilean Academy of Sciences, María Cecilia Hidalgo; and the executive director of the Providencia Cultural Foundation, Jorge González.

Congreso Futuro is a meeting for the exchange of ideas and visions on the world's future, with the participation of Chilean and international exhibitors from scientific and humanistic areas, which from January 16 to 21 will address the opportunities offered by innovation, exchange and technology.


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