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The best of Chilean and international cinema meets at SANFIC

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For the second consecutive year, the Santiago International Film Festival will bring films, documentaries and short films to all of Chile in a free virtual format.

The 17th edition of the Santiago International Film Festival will be held from August 15 to 22, bringing together the great national and international talents of the seventh art.

This is a week in which 86 films will be shown -39 national and 47 international-, and which for the second consecutive year will be held in a virtual format and free of charge, thus contributing to democratize access to culture and cinema in the country.

This year's special guest is German actor Daniel Brühl(Inglourious Basterds, Good Bye, Lenin!), nominated for Best Actor at the 2019 Golden Globes, who will present Nebenan, his directorial debut, a film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. Brühl will also participate in an online conversation open to the public during the week of the festival.

As in previous years, SANFIC will have three competitions - international, Chilean cinema and national talent short films - through which it seeks to promote the most recent productions by directors from Chile and abroad.

Among the national productions are the 9 films competing in the Chilean cinema category: Y solo el amor resucita by Nelson Pérez Sepúlveda, Zoila by Gabriela Pena, Lo Habitado by Martín Emiliano Díaz, Primera by Virgilio Bravo, Nidal by Josefina Pérez García and Felipe Sigala, Gran Avenida by Moisés Sepúlveda, Dominio Vigente by Juan Mora Cid, Karnawal by Juan Pablo Félix and La nave del olvido by Nicol Ruiz. Also promising is the documentary Gaucho Americano -directed by Nicolás Molina and produced by Marcela Santibáñez, the latter behind the acclaimed El agente topo-, selected in the international competition.

Equity and inclusion

With the aim of highlighting and making visible the films of women filmmakers from around the world, last year SANFIC created the section Women Directors in Focus, which in 2021 returns with the latest productions of five filmmakers from Argentina, Brazil, France and the United States, which have been screened and awarded at festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Malaga and BAFICI.

Likewise, in the search for greater inclusion and respect for sexual diversity in the industry, the event eliminated the gender distinction in the acting awards, replacing it with recognition for best acting, thus joining the San Sebastian and Berlin festivals.

*To watch the films, you only need to register on the SANFIC platform and create a username and password. Each film has a limit of "seats" or total views.



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