October 18, 2023

AB OVO Craftsmanship and Design

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AB OVO Artesanía y Diseño, is a company with more than 8 years of history, formalized since 2022, with the need to make innovative products, that are generic, of daily use and environmentally friendly. We are dedicated to show our beautiful southern identity with works of art and photographs through self-taught artistic bookbinding, we also offer decorative pictures, in wood and fabric in full color and glass holders with magnet base. Our products offer quality, exclusivity and originality, besides encouraging tourism in the region with works of architecture, flora and fauna from different parts of southern Chile. We offer nationally manufactured products with local identity, our goal is to have an AB OVO store in different parts of the country and also to export our products, in order to make known the beautiful places, architecture, flora and fauna of Chile.


Image of Chile