December 11, 2020 #ChileDiverse #ChileGlobal

Imagen de Chile held an international press conference to promote the solar eclipse in southern Chile

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In order to promote the total solar eclipse that will take place on December 14 and that will be visible in its entirety from the Araucanía Region in the international media, Imagen de Chile invited astronomy experts and local authorities to a meeting with members of the international press. Hugo Messías, ALMA astronomer, Angie Barr, astrophysicist and teacher in Araucanía, and Pía Bersezio, Government seremi of La Araucanía and spokesperson for the eclipse 2020, referred to the astronomical phenomenon and the measures being taken to guarantee safety in the midst of the health crisis.

At the meeting, Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile, highlighted how Chile is creating a future in the world of astronomy, since the country has more than 300 days of clear skies and low light pollution, which is why the most prestigious international observatories seek to settle in our territory to study the universe.


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