April 29, 2020 #Fundación Imagen de Chile

Imagen de Chile brought together Country Brands from around the world around the challenges presented by Covid-19

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One of the main conclusions of the meeting was that despite the difficulties and challenges involved in this scenario, there is also something positive that can be highlighted: the opportunity to work on the image of each country internally, strengthening it from within and then projecting it to the world when the health crisis subsides.

In this line, Imagen de Chile has been working on making visible stories of Chilean talent that are contributing with local initiatives and solutions to global problems, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. Today's work is focused on maintaining the value of the Chile brand and strengthening the call for unity among Chileans so that everyone does their part to get out of this crisis.

All the organizations present at the virtual meeting emphasized the importance of collaboration in the current scenario and highlighted the role of Country Brands as an essential element for the economic reactivation of their respective nations.

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