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Chileans Creating the Future: Copper3D and Prosthetics 3D Team Up to Produce Antimicrobial Copper Orthotics

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The agreement will enable the production of more than 200 prostheses to help low-income children with disabilities. The founders of both organizations belong to the Chileans Creating Future Network.

3D technology has been part of our daily lives for several years, from the production of accessories such as hearing aids, electrical devices, and even food, to the development of more complex artifacts such as devices for medical use. It is precisely in this area where two Chilean organizations have made an important announcement.

Copper3D and Fundación Prótesis 3D, both institutions created by Chileans who today focus on the use of this new technology, announced the creation of a new alliance for the production of prostheses and medical devices made from copper. Thanks to the donation of 75 kilos of antimicrobial materials to Prótesis 3D, the same ones with which Copper3D is manufacturing recyclable and antimicrobial devices for space travel, it is expected to produce a first series of 200 antimicrobial prostheses, which can be used by low-income children.

This collaboration comes after the founders of both organizations met in the context of the Chileans Creating the Future Network, launched by Imagen de Chile in April 2021.

"This donation is very relevant for our foundation as it allows us to somehow raise the standard of our prostheses with this new attribute that Copper3D materials have, which are antimicrobial and can also be used without problems in contact with the skin of children and adults," said Daniela Retamales, founder and executive director of the 3D Prosthesis Foundation.

Daniela also comments that part of this material can also be used in 3D printing technology training workshops, as part of the "freedom to undertake 3D dreams" program, where young people deprived of their liberty have the opportunity to learn about the manufacture of prostheses.

Copper3D has stated that this alliance is the prelude to a more extensive collaboration with organizations in Chile and the region, which will begin in 2022.

"For us it is an honor to be able to collaborate with this type of initiative, led by people with the professional and human quality that Daniela has. In 2022 we intend to establish more collaborations of this type in Chile and in the region, as we see that 3D printing in health has advanced a lot and now we see that in collaboration with organizations such as Fundación Prótesis 3D we can generate a very powerful impact at a technological, clinical and social level", says Daniel Martínez, director of Innovation at Copper3D.

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