March 25, 2022 #ChileGlobal

Expo Dubai: favorability of Chile grew 28 points in two years

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As part of Chile Day at Expo Dubai, Imagen de Chile released a survey showing that Dubai citizens' familiarity with our country rose from 45% to 50% between 2020 and 2022, and favorability soared from 30% to 58%. In addition, the emirate's perception of Chile on a series of business-related factors has improved considerably in the last two years.

Although for many Chileans, the United Arab Emirates still seems a distant country, the Dubai Expo that is taking place these days, and in which Chile has had a relevant participation, has undoubtedly contributed to bring the two countries closer together. According to a survey released by Imagen de Chile in the framework of Chile Day at Expo Dubai, the level of favorability of the emirate with respect to our country soared from 30% to 58% in two years, being the second best evaluated country in the region, only behind Brazil (64%). Meanwhile, the familiarity of Dubai's citizens with Chile increased from 45% to 50% between 2020 and 2022, which places Dubai as one of the cities that considers our country the most familiar.

"Chile's participation in Expo Dubai 2020 has been a great opportunity to let people know how Chile is creating the future in innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship, and the result of our survey is proof of this, with a significant increase not only in familiarity, but also in favorability," said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea.

When choosing a partner for doing business in Latin America, Dubaiis consider Chile and Brazil as the first choices (44% each). Meanwhile, the majority of those surveyed in Dubai said they had consumed Chilean products and had a positive experience (45%).

"One out of every two citizens of Dubai have consumed Chilean products and associate us with quality. This is a very positive result, and undoubtedly Chile's presence at Expo Dubai has played a relevant role, allowing us to generate a positive country image on that side of the world," said Constanza Cea.

The study was conducted in a total of 12 cities: Sao Paulo, New York, Washington, Toronto, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, New Delhi, Dubai, Shanghai and Tokyo. A total of 200 people were interviewed in each city. In the case of Dubai, the survey was conducted in early 2020, early 2021 and early 2022.

Good business destination

Dubai's perception of Chile on a number of business-related factors has improved considerably in the last two years. Thus, for example, the percentage of respondents who believe that Chile is economically stable rose from 42% to 60%; the perception of our commitment to sustainability rose from 39% to 56%; that it promotes entrepreneurship rose from 47% to 60% and that it exports quality services grew from 44% to 56%.

Knowledge of Chilean products has increased in the last two years, with the exception of copper. Thus, for example, awareness of Chilean fruit rose from 38% to 54%; of wood from 20% to 31%; of fish and seafood from 20% to 31%; and of wine from 29% to 35%. In contrast, the association with copper fell from 33% to 20%.

The majority of respondents associate Chilean products with good quality (59%), but also the association with sustainability and diversity has increased in the last two years, which shows an improvement in the attributes that allow a better appreciation of Chilean products.

44% of those surveyed think that businessmen in their city are interested in contracting professional services from Chile, being one of the most interested cities.

Review the study here: ExpoDubai - Image of Chile with main findings_VF_compressed (1)


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