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Estudio Imagen de Chile: Bogotá and Mexico City choose Chile as a partner to invest and do business

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In both cities, wine, fruit, and cultural products (art, literature, film, and music) occupy the top 3 among the best-known products. On the other hand, what Chilean products are most associated with is good quality, artisanal production and sustainability.

The capitals of Mexico and Colombia have a great perception of Chile when it comes to doing business. This was demonstrated by the most recent longitudinal study by Imagen de Chile, which measures the perception of the country's image around different areas, and which for the first time studied Bogotá and Mexico City.

"One of the pillars of Imagen de Chile's work is to evaluate the perception of the country abroad, to detect opportunities and measure our work. And if we usually study 12 priority markets, the rise of Chilean startups in markets as relevant as Mexico City and Bogotá made us turn our eyes to those two cities to understand how they perceive us, what our competitive advantages are and what the opportunities are," said Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

And the results of this study were exceptionally favorable. Both cities consider Chile as the country they would choose as a partner when it comes to investing and doing business, above all the other countries consulted (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Peru). In the case of Bogota, the second country they choose after Chile (51%) is Mexico (46%), while in the case of Mexico City, the second country they choose to do business with after Chile (60%) is Brazil (37%).

"The results of this study are very interesting, because both cities have a good evaluation, associate our products with good quality, sustainability and diversity, and would choose us to invest and to do business," Cea added.

In both cities, wine, fruit, and cultural products (art, literature, film, and music) occupy the top 3 among the best-known products. By city, Bogotá mentions wine (79%), fruit (56%), cultural products (42%) and fish and seafood (31%). Meanwhile, Mexico City mentions wine (67%), cultural products (27%), fruit (27%) and red meat (25%).

When it comes to spontaneous mention, when you ask the question of what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chile, in both cases wine, culture and gastronomy stand out. However, while in Bogotá the word "president" is the one that weighs the most, in the case of Mexico City the concepts of "landscapes" and "economy" have a very relevant weight.

In both cities, what Chilean products are most associated with is good quality (Bogotá 85% and Mexico 69%), and they also associate them with artisanal production, sustainability and diversity.

"It is great news that both markets perceive us as a country with great economic and social development within the region, characterized by great geographical diversity, tourist destinations, products (such as wine), and our friendliness. Therefore, there are great opportunities. Now, analyzing by market, perhaps the Mexican market is where the greatest opportunities are presented: for them Chile is less known and they perceive it as more distant physically, but Chile offers everything they are looking for: economic stability and development, security, variety of ecosystems, Latin quality and cultural development," said Constanza Cea.

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