July 20, 2021 #ChileGlobal

Esencial Costa Rica shares its work experience with Imagen de Chile

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Costa Rica's country brand strategy was launched in 2013 to position the country's image in the international market. Its director, Daniel Valverde, detailed the positioning strategy with the Imagen de Chile team.

The director of the Costa Rican country brand, Esencial Costa Rica, Daniel Valverde, met with the Imagen de Chile team to share experiences and strategies for country brand positioning, as well as to share their success story and strengthen relations between the two teams.

The country brand strategy Esencial Costa Rica was launched in 2013 to position the country's image in the international market, as well as to encourage tourism, investment and exports. Like Imagen de Chile, Esencial Costa Rica also has a licensing program, which has around 750 licensees, who reach around the world with the Esencial Costa Rica seal on their labels and packaging.

During the meeting, Valverde reviewed the growth of its positioning strategy over the last decade, showing how in a span of 6 years, the reach of its international campaigns went from an audience of 10 million people to over 47 million by 2020.

The meeting took place within the framework of a series of conversations organized by Imagen de Chile, which seek to strengthen the relations that the institution maintains with public and private organizations, both in Chile and abroad.


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