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Column : Day of the regions: Talking about Chile is talking about diversity

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By Rossana Dresdner, Executive Director of Imagen de Chile

Chile extends over almost 4,300 km of territory. This vast soil, which is home to a diverse and multicolored geography and is expressed differently in each of our regions, has earned us recognition as a diverse country, which is home to everything from the most arid desert, world-famous wine valleys, to imposing glaciers that mark the beginning of the world. 

But at Fundación Imagen de Chile we think that our diversity goes beyond our undeniable natural beauty. Moreover, we think it has to do with the deepest part of our identity as a people. It is the local communities, their history, traditions, gastronomy and art that truly give content to Chile's image. Every corner of the country has its story to tell, its memory, its path that has led it to what it is today, and the contribution it makes to the country. 

An essential part of our work at Imagen de Chile is to connect our country with the world. And there, always, diversity is what stands out. The international press looks for the particular stories of regions that speak of development, potential and human side. The north makes international headlines for its astronomical capacity, its work in energy transition and mining competence. The same happens with the agriculture of the central zone and its sustainable processes, which are in line with the economic development that Chile is pursuing today. The south, on the other hand, shows its proposal for the development of green hydrogen and innovative strategies for sustainable tourism, while the southernmost part of the country is projected as the world capital of Antarctic science and a natural observatory of climate change. 

The country's image is built from a regional perspective, because it is through this collective history of diversity, humanity, achievements and hopes that we can tell the real Chile. Each region is an essential link in the chain that shapes our nation, and that is projected to the world, firmly, to tell who we are and how we are contributing to a better future.

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