December 27, 2023 #ChileGlobal

Five outstanding news stories about Chile in the international press in 2023

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Under the international spotlight, our country has been talked about in various areas. From its role in the export of green hydrogen and its strategies in lithium management to the participation of Santiago as a city of honor at the Book Fair in Argentina. Chile is positioned as a country of proposals, seeking solutions to the great challenges facing humanity today, reaffirming its commitment to the environment and including pioneering financing policies for energy transition.

1) Chile is becoming Europe's new beacon of hope (Handelsblatt)

Chile plans to supply green hydrogen to Europe. However, the electricity market is still dependent on coal. Wind farm operators are struggling to stay afloat.

Author: Alexander Busch

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2) OECD Top 10: The Economist highlights Chile's economy among the best performers against inflation in 2023 (CNN Chile)

The article highlighted indicators such as inflation, GDP and employment, placing Chile ahead of countries such as Spain, Poland and Portugal in these aspects.

Author: CNN Chile

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3) Chile presents a public-private model to share the vast lithium riches with the mining industry.(Bloomberg)

Chile delivered its long-awaited lithium policy, giving the state a majority stake in all new contracts.

Author: James Attwood

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4) Santiago de Chile in La Rural and surroundings: great display of the guest of honor city at the Book Fair (La Nación)

At the stand at La Rural, but also in theaters and cultural centers, the delegation from the neighboring country overflows with proposals.

Author: Daniel Gigena

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5) Chilean government creates a strategic committee to guide green hydrogen development (La Vanguardia)

The Chilean Government presented the Strategic Committee that will guide the policies of the Green Hydrogen Action Plan and will seek "high consensus agreements", according to the Executive, for the development of this new industry.

Author: La Vanguardia

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