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Chilean business start-ups beat recession to hit six year high by 2010

This new recognition, presented at the WTM in London, is in addition to that given by the Lonely Planet guide, which included our country in the list of the ten best destinations to visit during 2024.

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Best Stand for Doing Business. This is the latest award that Chile won in the midst of its participation in the World Travel Market, the most influential travel and tourism event in the world, where the most important names in the industry from all sectors come to London to establish contacts with each other and find new ways to develop their businesses.

During the third and final day of the event, the organization announced the awards for the most eye-catching stands at WTM, with Chile as the winner among the 185 participating countries for the category of best stand for doing business.

"As the public tourism sector, represented by Sernatur, we are constantly working on international promotion and one of these actions is the participation in this important fair. Therefore, receiving this recognition fills us with pride and confirms that things are being done well and that we provide the necessary tools to companies so that they can establish contacts with their European peers and the rest of the world, being able to further enhance tourism in Chile," said the Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Pardo Lagos.

"Today we can say that we have the best stand for doing business in one of the most important B2B tourism events in the world, a recognition that fills us with pride and shows that we are promoting in a good way this type of business meetings between national exhibitors and buyers who are interested in the destinations, attractions and experiences that Chile offers in tourism," said the national director of Sernatur, Cristóbal Benítez, after receiving the award from the WTM.

Judges praised the booth for its well-planned design, which included a variety of spaces, such as tables in an open area and an enclosed meeting section, for people who wanted more privacy. The judges said it was a "great space for doing business. "+

Coquimbo to host ATTA's AdventureWeek in 2024

Among today's meetings, the national director of Sernatur held a meeting with Gabriela Stowell, the vice-president for regional development of the World Adventure Travel Association (ATTA), an opportunity that served to ratify that Coquimbo will host the next AdventureWeek in 2024.

"We are very happy to be here in London and to be able to announce that we are going to do an AdventureWeek in Coquimbo next year, in a region that the ATTA community wants to know. This is an international event, where buyers and journalists are going to tour the destination and do a lot of business, so we are going to Coquimbo in August 2024."

AdventureWeek is an instance that will position the Coquimbo Region as a new destination for nature and adventure tourism. Through these instances, the Adventure Travel Trade Association - a leading group in the adventure travel industry in the world - seeks to educate and connect the region with the adventure tourism community with the Marketplace space, where all AdventureWeek participants will meet with the local offer.

This recognition is in addition to the one granted by Lonely Planet to our country in the framework of the WTM, where the prestigious travel magazine highlighted Chile as one of the 10 countries to visit as part of the "Best in Travel 2024" awards.

Source: Sernatur. Check the press release here.


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