December 07, 2021 #ChileGlobal

C for Creativity: Imagen de Chile launches the campaign "Chile, creativity that inspires the world"

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With different dissemination actions, Imagen de Chile seeks to show how Chile's cultural heritage has inspired the world, through different milestones that collect the works of recognized national talents from the world of culture and the arts.

Indelible traces with verses that reflect the depths of our society, great stories that have moved the world through the big screen, as well as advances in innovation and the search for solutions to the problems we face today as humanity. These are just some of the topics addressed by the new campaign of Imagen de Chile, which has been broadcasting in Spain for some weeks now.

The campaign, entitled "Chile, Creativity that Inspires the World", seeks to communicate the impact that Chile's cultural heritage has had on the world of culture and the arts at an international level, and will begin with a contest that, based on the works of poets Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral and Nicanor Parra, will give three lucky winners the chance to receive a tattoo inspired by the verses of Chilean poets.

"From Chile we are creating the future, and we seek to show how Chilean culture has crossed borders around the world, from the creativity, sensitivity and talent of the people who inhabit our country, starting with one of the oldest cultural expressions of humanity such as tattoos," said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea.

"Incorporating the work of different actors in the world of arts and culture, and with an international scope, this campaign will seek to show how Chilean creative talent has crossed generational, cultural and geographic barriers, with a relevant role in the creation of the future," added Cea.


Sergio Ferrer, Elizabet Mallorquín and José Ángel Morillo, all belonging to the Synesthezia studio , were the Madrid artists invited to draw inspiration from the works of Neruda, Mistral and Parra, from which each created an original tattoo design.


"Don't be afraid and always live all the experiences that you consider important in your life. When I read "Confieso que he vivido" it transmitted to me that freedom that one longs for when it comes to choosing one's own path," said Sergio Ferrer.

"Life is that, it has different parts, the whole of it all is your song. Some phrases that were written in a place as far away as Chile, remain a reality both here in Spain and anywhere in the world," added Elizabet Mallorquín.

"Pull forward, no matter what happens, in the end without will, without that inner strength, you get nothing. No matter how many years go by, "the will to be" is going to be a phrase that will always make sense to you," concluded José Ángel Morillo.

On Tuesday, December 7, the results of the contest were announced, where the lucky winners were able to get the tattoo of their choice.

"I chose a tattoo inspired by Nicanor Parra. It's a design of a clock that talks about time and for me time, especially this verse "what more song than the passing of time", means a lot. The passing of time is what gives us the energy to do everything, because it is the fact that time passes that makes you want to make the most of it," said Carolina Silva, one of the winners.

"I got a tattoo inspired by a poem by Gabriela Mistral, it is a hand with flowers and for me it represents the constant struggle of women and above all to carry it always present," said another of the winners, Eva Moreno.

"The political career that Pablo Neruda had, and what he meant so much to other Spanish authors and so much to our country. That indomitable spirit just like Pablo Neruda has, made me feel that it was for me," said Edorta Mora, the third winner of the Imagen de Chile contest.

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