March 19, 2021 #ChileGlobal #Business and Exports.

The Economist: Chile is the safest country to invest in Latin America

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the economist ranking investing in Chile

After the Milken Institute did so in February, it is now The Economist that ranks Chile as the best country to invest in Latin America and the country with the greatest potential to attract foreign investors. In the report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (the British magazine's Intelligence Unit) entitled "Populism and politics: the operative risk in Latin America", Chile obtains a score of 25, in a ranking where 100 is the maximum risk. Only Aruba, the Dutch colony in the Caribbean, is in a better position than Chile. Thus, Chile is the least risky country to invest in Latin America.

The study was based on three factors for its analysis: political risk, economic risk and regulatory risk. Chile appears among the best positions in all of them, given that the lower the score, the lower the risk.

Although The Economist Intelligence Unit is "cautiously optimistic" about what may happen this year in Latin America, they argue that "investors should prepare (...) 2021 is another important election year for Latin America, with presidential elections in several large economies such as Ecuador, Peru and Chile, and mid-term elections in key regional markets, including Mexico and Argentina".

Download the full report HERE.


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