May 13, 2021 #ChileDemocratic

President of the Board of Directors of Servel refers to the historic mega-election in Chile with the international press

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Andrés Tagle spoke with the correspondents and editors of the main international media that will cover the elections on May 15 and 16.

A few days before Chileans go to the polls to elect mayors, councilors, governors and constituents, Imagen de Chile organized an exclusive press conference for international media with Andrés Tagle, president of the Board of Directors of the Electoral Service, in order to deepen and clarify their doubts regarding this double election day.

During the meeting, Tagle pointed out that this is a historic electoral process since not only regional governors and constituent conventions will be elected for the first time, but also, for the first time in history, voting will take place on two days: the electorate will be able to vote on Saturday May 15 or Sunday May 16, depending on their preference.

Tagle remarked that the election of constituents will be subject to a system that ensures gender parity and, additionally, 17 reserved seats will be available to guarantee the representation and participation of indigenous peoples.

A total of 2,768 new positions will be elected in these mega-elections: 155 constituent conventions, 16 regional governors, 345 mayors and 2,252 councilmen. For this purpose, 2,731 polling places have been set up throughout the country.

Likewise, the electoral body took a series of measures to safeguard the security of voters in pandemic conditions, such as the extension of the voting period to two days, the hiring of 15,000 facilitators in the voting centers, the determination of the capacity, the promotion of citizens to bring their own blue paste pencil and the implementation of a sanitary protocol, among others.

Tagle added that from 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, the Electoral Service will announce the results to the citizens in real time through the website, which will be of an informative and preliminary nature.






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