June 30, 2021 #ChileDemocratic

Minister of Finance heads meeting with correspondents to analyze the second half of the year

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To bid farewell to the month of June and the first half of the year, the authority in charge of public finances referred to the macroeconomic scenario and the prospects for post-pandemic recovery.

In order to present the outlook for the Chilean economy for the second half of the year, and to inform about the measures taken by the government to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic, the Minister of Finance, Rodrigo Cerda, led a meeting organized by Imagen de Chile with foreign correspondents and international press.

During the meeting, Minister Cerda assured that the aid being provided by the government is one of the main engines for the recovery of the Chilean economy, projecting a total of US$28 billion in direct aid to families and SMEs since the beginning of the pandemic, i.e. almost 9% of GDP.

The minister also pointed to the vaccination process as a key to the economy's progress, gave economic projections and assured that the recovery of employment will be the main challenge in the midst of the pandemic.


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