December 20, 2023 #ChileDiverse

Pan American and Parapan American medalists become representatives of Chile's image around the world

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Members of Team Chile and ParaChile were recognized for embodying the values and spirit of Chile, in a ceremony that brought together medalists and directors of Santiago 2023.

As part of the activities that have marked the closing of the Santiago 2023 games, the Fundación Imagen de Chile organized a meeting to recognize the Pan American and Parapan American medalists of our country. Among those present were Chilean karate player Rodrigo Rojas, tennis player Macarena Cabrillana, Paralympic swimmer Vicente Almonacid and 3×3 basketball player Daniel Arcos. Also in attendance were Felipe Bianchi, Communications Director of Corporación 2023; Alejandro Bacot, Deputy Manager of Legacy and Sustainability; and Laura Jil, Head of Sustainability. 

On the occasion, Rossana Dresdner, executive director of Imagen de Chile, highlighted that the Santiago 2023 games "were an opportunity to express the true essence of Chile to the world: we showed the world strength, capacity for effort, collaborative work, dedication, mysticism and values". He added that the athletes "are representatives of the best image that Chile can present to the world and we are grateful for that". 

For his part, Felipe Bianchi pointed out the good results projected for Chile's image in the world: "the objectives of these games, which were to show the diversity that Chile has, the capacity to organize events at a good level and that are also sustainable, were completely fulfilled. There is a before and an after Santiago 2023".

The athletes and para-athletes were grateful for the nomination, and Paralympic swimmer Vicente Almonacid noted that "as an athlete I feel very proud to carry these colors around the world and that now Imagen de Chile has appointed us as representatives gives you the responsibility to do well".

Tennis player Macarena Cabrillana highlighted the value of inclusion that permeated this sporting event. "Such a beautiful event will undoubtedly mark me for life. There is an advance in the recognition of para-sportsmen as high performance athletes and not something recreational, people realized our high level" she concluded.


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