February 26, 2021 #News of Chile in the World

From Easter Island, a Pianist Emerges

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Mahani Teave, 38 and likely the only professional classical performer from the remote island, has released her first album.

From her home, halfway up the highest hill on Rapa Nui, Mahani Teave was describing the power of nature there to overwhelm.

"On one side, I have an almost 180-degree view of the ocean," she said in a recent interview. "A big fog is coming in from the hill on the other side."

The profusion of stars gives the black of the sky a seemingly "papier-mâché texture," she said. When the sounds of crickets cease, profound silence completes "a stunning experience for the senses."

Teave, 38, learned to appreciate such stirring encounters while growing up on Rapa Nui - also known as Easter Island, the name imposed by European interlopers in 1722. From there, one of the remotest inhabited islands on the planet, this pianist went on to earn a place on the international concert stage.

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