March 26, 2021 #Life & Culture

Freedom House ranking highlights Chile as one of the freest countries in the world

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Ranking Freedom House

U.S. think tank, Freedom House, published the results for the 2021 Freedom in the World report, where Chile scored 93 out of 100 points, ranking above global powers such as the U.S., Spain, Italy and France, and second place in Latin America, following Uruguay.

The annual report rates each country based on two factors. On one hand, there are citizens' political rights - including election processes, political pluralism and participation, and government functioning - and, on the other, civil liberties - freedom of expression and religion, the right to freedom of association, rule of law, autonomy and individual rights.

Chile ranks 3 places higher than last year, remaining as one of the 6 Latin American countries classified as "totally free."

Economic freedom

The Heritage Foundation has also released the 2021 Economic Freedom Index, placing Chile in19th position on a global scale with 75.2 points, exceeding the regional and world average.

The report highlights the rule of law, such as the judicial system's independence, and points out that Chile remains the second least corrupt country in Latin America. It also describes the economic sector as open, competitive and resilient.



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