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Sustainability, environment and scientific development are the attributes in which Chile stands out from the rest of the region

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The Longitudinal Study 2023, conducted by Fundación Imagen de Chile and Ipsos, showed Chile's efforts to position itself in these fundamental issues for the development of a country. Likewise, the quality of our exports, recognized mainly for wine and fruit, is well perceived by the country's priority markets.

The latest Longitudinal Study 2023, conducted by Fundación Imagen de Chile and Ipsos, showed a better perception of Chile and the region in the 12 priority markets analyzed: Sao Paulo, Toronto, New York, Washington, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Shanghai, Tokyo, New Delhi and Dubai.

Although all the countries analyzed showed improvements in terms of their perception, Chile stands out in terms of innovation and scientific development, axes that in recent years have marked the line of development that the country is promoting, and where part of the investments made in recent years have been focused.

In the perception of Chile compared to Latin America, the country stands out in "Scientific and astronomical development", with 46%, the highest percentage among the countries measured. It also leads in "Development of sustainability and environmental protection", with 43%.

"The commitment to a Chile that promotes innovation, science, sustainability and environmental protection translates into a country that looks to the future and seeks to be at the forefront of technological advances and climate urgency. The study confirms that we have a lot of potential to be recognized for these aspects and we must continue to develop this positioning", says Rossana Dresdner, executive director of the Fundación Imagen de Chile.

Both familiarity and favorability have progressively increased since 2020 for Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia. Our country recorded the highest growth between 2020 and 2023 in its favorability, from 43% to 51%.

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The quality of Chilean products is internationally recognized, results that reflect the work that the country has been doing for decades. Chile stands out with 47%, above other countries in the region in the perception of "Quality of its export products". It is followed by Argentina with 42% and Brazil with 34%. In this line, the attributes with which Chilean products are most identified internationally are "good quality" and "diverse", both characteristics that have shown an increase in their positive valuation in recent years.

The most recognized products of Chilean origin are wine, with 47%, followed by fruit (38%) and fish and seafood (30%).

Regarding the characteristics they value most, they highlight its "attractive nature"; "attractive tourist destination"; "art, culture and heritage"; "reliability" and "safety". It is worth noting that "corruption" and "income inequality" showed a decrease with respect to 2020, that is, an improvement in their perception. Democratic stability is also a characteristic that stands out in Chile, along with Argentina, as leaders in the region.


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