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Prominent intellectuals and scientists from Chile and around the world lead Science Festival Puerto de Ideas Antofagasta 2021

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Between April 12 and 18, the north of Chile invites the world to connect with curiosity to tackle the mysteries of neuroscience through the Puerto de Ideas Antofagasta 2021 Science Festival, an unmissable virtual meeting to share with leading scientists and researchers from Chile and the world.

Socio-environmental emergencies, symbiosis between science and society, and challenges of artificial intelligence will be the themes that will mark the Science Festival Puerto de Ideas Antofagasta 2021. This year, the renowned space for multidisciplinary meetings to learn and discuss ideas, will be held in "pandemic" mode, after adapting its programming, with conferences, conversations and virtual shows so that everyone can participate from their homes and free of charge through puertodeideas.cl.

Far from being an obstacle, the pandemic became the driving force and catalyst for the ideas of this new version of the Port of Ideas, and thus exciting topics such as uncertainty as part of the construction of scientific knowledge, innovations in health beyond the pandemic and the challenges presented by the advance of artificial intelligence, will be some of the central themes of this event that promotes the integration and convergence of knowledge, through a dynamic exchange of knowledge and reflections.

"In these times it is essential that both citizens and authorities understand the language of science, and that the scientific world, in turn, pay attention to the problems of society, to find appropriate solutions," says Chantal Signorio, president of the Port of Ideas Foundation. "That is why these spaces for dialogue and reflection are so important, where scientists are linked without barriers with a broad and diverse public," she adds.

Among the speakers at this edition, the German Nobel Prize for Medicine, Erwin Neher, who is responsible for many of the medicines that are available in the world today, stands out. The scientist will speak about curiosity as the engine of science. For her part, the outstanding American neurobiologist, Leslie Voshall, will give a fascinating lecture on the known and unknown of the human sense of smell, a subject that connects with the Covid-19 virus because the loss of smell is one of its symptoms and which has led us to revalue this sense.

Also present will be Cedric Villani, French mathematician and politician and winner of the Fields Medal, considered the Nobel Prize for mathematics, and Moroccan geneticist Ismahane Elouafi, scientific director of FAO and a woman leader in the fight against hunger in the world.

With a strong program divided into categories such as Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Science and Society, Astronomy, among others, it seeks to contribute to the debate on interesting and diverse questions ranging from how scientific knowledge is built or what will be the medicine of the future to whether robots and machines could acquire consciousness.

Here are five must-sees from the Puerto Ideas Antofagasta 2021 program, with Chilean intellectuals and scientists who are creating the future in the world:

Friday 16, 7:00 pm: On morals and ethics in artificial intelligence "The beloved and hated machines" will be presented by physicist César Hidalgo, directorof the Center for Collective Learning at the University of Toulouse, named by Wired UK magazine as one of the 50 people who can change the world.

Friday 16, 8:30 p.m.: Musical lecture "The tempo of a personal playlist" with Paolo Bortolameolli, conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

Saturday 17, 12.30 p.m.: "I don't know", a lecture on science and the difficulty of communicating uncertainties with Ana Maria Lennon, renowned immunologist at the Curie Institute, one of the most important in the field of medicine and biology worldwide.

Saturday 17, 4:00 p.m.: From the trenches of environmental conservation, lawyer Alex Muñoz, director of Pristine Seas for Latin America, National Geographic's flagship program that seeks to protect the world's oceans, will speak.


Sunday 18, 6:00 pm: An interview with Benjamin Labatut, Chilean writer who has just been nominated for the Brooker Prize and whose recent novel Un verdor terrible, has been published in Spain, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Sweden, China and the United States. The theme will be: Monsters and Miracles of Science.

Download the complete program here: https://www.puertodeideas.cl/festivalantofagasta/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/PROGRAMA-FESTIVAL-DE-CIENCIA-PUERTO-DE-IDEAS-2021.pdf


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