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Food Export Council and Fundación Imagen de Chile will sign an agreement to promote Chile's image abroad

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With more than 21 billion dollars in shipments during 2022, the food sector is the largest exporter in Chile after mining, where products such as wine, fruit or meats are globally recognized for their quality and origin. It is, therefore, undoubtedly one of the sectors that daily contributes to positioning our image as a country.

It is in this context that the Fundación Imagen de Chile met with the Food Export Council to discuss concrete actions to coordinate this work of international positioning of Chilean products in international markets.

"Chile's image is built by all of us. Today the world recognizes the quality and diversity of Chilean products, which is why we believe it is key to take concrete steps to work together towards a positive country image," said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Rossana Dresdner. "As they are currently one of the main exporting sectors of our country, it is important to incorporate them into this cross-cutting work that we are carrying out," she added.

For his part, the president of ASOEX, Iván Marambio, valued the meeting and agreed that cooperation and coordination is key to building a representative country image. "It was a very positive meeting, because both as the Food Export Council and Asoex, we believe that Chile's image must be built together to promote a unified vision that reflects those characteristics that identify us, to promote them in international markets."

Thus, one of the main definitions of this meeting was to work on the signing of an agreement to better coordinate these joint efforts.

The meeting was attended by Rossana Dresdner, Executive Director of Fundación Imagen de Chile; Claudio Cilveti, President of the Food Export Council and General Manager of Vinos de Chile, who was accompanied by representatives of the member associations such as Iván Marambio (President of ASOEX); Ignacio Caballero (Marketing Director of Asoex); Melanie Whatmore (Brand Manager Salmón de Chile), Angélica Valenzuela (Commercial Director of Vinos de Chile); Guillermo Iturrieta (President of Exporlac), Juan Carlos Domínguez (President of ChileCarne), Pía Barros (Studies and Marketing Manager of ChileCarne); and Héctor Bacigalupo (General Manager of Sonapesca).

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