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Chile creates the future: Concrete proposals for sustainable development towards 2050

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In a forward-looking exercise hosted by the National Council of Technology, Science and Innovation for Development (CTCI), the document "Chile Creates the Future" was presented. The proposals, made by more than a hundred specialists, will be an input for the design of public policies and the budget discussion of 2024, in response to the global challenges that are foreseen for the year 2050.

"Chile Creates the Future" is the name of the document prepared by the National Council of Technology, Science and Innovation for Development (CTCI), which provides various proposals to address the challenges and opportunities that the country will have to face by the year 2050. The report was prepared by a transversal team of 104 specialists, including researchers, businessmen, representatives of civil society, opinion leaders and academics, organized in four thematic tables: Digital Revolution, Biological Revolution, Crisis of Democracy and Sustainability of life on the planet.

After six months of work, the CTCI presented its final document, an input for the creation of future public policies and the 2024 budget discussion. Among the report's recommendations are the promotion of critical thinking, the creation and unified access to data banks, the incorporation of local governments in the reduction of digital divides, and the promotion of collaboration between the public and private sectors to promote sustainable development.

During its announcement at the National Museum of Natural History, the president of the CTCI, Silvia Diaz, said: "More than generating a common diagnosis, we set out to trigger a reflection on the future, considering two great transforming forces that come from technological scientific progress, such as the digital and biological revolutions, as well as two global concerns: the crisis of democracy and the sustainability of life on the planet".

In the same line, and in conversation with Fundación Imagen de Chile (FICH), the Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Aisén Etcheverry, highlighted the importance of having a long-term view to prepare the country and improve its development perspective. "For those of us who are in charge of ministries, the "Chile Creates the Future" project is a very good tool to prioritize and design public policies on very complex issues, such as strengthening democracy, diversity, sustainable growth. All global trends that strongly affect us," said the minister.

For his part, the executive vice-president of Corfo, José Miguel Benavente, highlighted the importance of this work convened by the CTCI and how it demonstrates that Chile uses its institutional framework to address relevant issues in the long term as a whole. He added that by delivering the document to the President of the Republic, it indicates that public policies will be consistent with a long-term vision, demonstrating a strategy of continuity beyond the current government. Benavente emphasized that this shows the world that Chile takes these issues seriously and considers them part of its development.

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